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Nothing excites us more than seeing your projects come to life! From coming up with the “big idea” that ties everything together to creating the content strategies and assets, our goal is to ensure a campaign that’s both cohesive and effective.

Check out all the campaigns that have the unique Jigso touch!

Social Media Management


From renowned Jewellery designer and businessman, Philippe Charriol, comes this swiss masterpiece of a brand. 

Jigso has been fortunate enough to handle the local Instagram account, curating it such that the brand’s sophistication shines through in every post.



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Campaign Creation

The Sweetest Christmas at Rustan's & Rustan's Enchant the Holidays

Nobody celebrates Christmas the same way that Rustan’s does. As part of our regular engagement with the brand, we create all their biggest campaigns during the year, and Christmas is no exception.

The 2018 Enchanted Christmas and 2019 Sweetest Christmas campaigns saw robust content calendars for the brand’s yuletide season, complete with photos and videos to emphasize the brand’s position as the best bet for shopping thrills, exciting offers, and unique celebrations in the metro.

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Social Media Management

Rustan's The Beauty Source

With a pool of renowned beauty brands under its wing, Rustan’s The Beauty Source is a force on its own. 

Their daily content is a product of the collaborative efforts from both Jigso and Rustan’s with the latter implementing the former’s content direction as the brand standard since 2018.

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Campaign Creation

Sta. Elena

Somewhere south of the city lies Sta. Elena, a 213 hectare property combining nature, luxury living, and world championship golf course. 

Jigso has been trusted to create recurring online content, brand messaging, and digital advertising in an effort to bring value to the estate.

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Campaign Creation

SaladStop! Salad Month

In their effort to further promote the “Eat Wide Awake” movement, which places emphasis on clean eating and an overall healthier lifestyle, SaladStop! Philippines, together with our team, held Salad Month in September 2017. 

It was a month dedicated to promoting not only exclusive in-store offers, but as well as fitness events open to the public.

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Event Documentation

Lacoste 85th Anniversary

Bonjour! Lacoste celebrated their 85th anniversary with a jam-packed exhibit. They have a 180° photo-booth, a view of their limited Anniversary collections and an interesting bits of their founder, Rene Lacoste. 

Our team had the chance to document this whole event. We have seen some famous personalities channeling their French elegance with their favorite Lacoste outfit.

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Campaign Creation

Tokyo Posh: Decade Of Posh

A decade’s worth of changing the way the world views and styles hair deserves nothing less than a beauty extravaganza that highlights all the highs of Tokyo Posh. 

Our team was fortunate enough to take part in the brand’s celebration of their tenth year, coming up with posts that tell the story of everything Posh: from its humble beginnings to the journey towards elevating women’s beauty.

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Photo and Video Production

JML: Gabbi Garcia

One of the UK’s top brands, JML has become a household name over the last two decades, boasting their ability to demonstrate high-quality products live or in actual demo. 

To further solidify this brand identity, our team worked with JML and their newest celebrity endorser, Gabbi Garcia, to produce photos and the brand’s first ever video campaign: the Hair Game Strong series, which features specific JML products and real-life applications.

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Photo and Video Production

Payless Anniversary

Payless Shoesource’s 9th year in the Philippines was met with confetti and birthday candles. 

To commemorate this milestone, our team worked to create photos and videos that captured the Payless identity as one of the most popular family footwear brands found locally, thanks to their fun and trendy designs at affordable prices.

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Video Production

Disney Pixar Playtown

On a video tour hosted by our adorable friends from the Kramer family, we saw the magical sights of the Disney Pixar invasion in Bonifacio Global City. 

From Toy Story themed traffic lights to the Cars and Monsters Inc. installations, the Pixar Playtown was truly a dream come true for all kids and kids-at-heart alike.

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Campaign Creation

Make Your Own Havaianas 2018

Together with Havaianas, our team worked to communicate a message that, albeit simple, carried the sweet promise of hope: Brighter days are here! 

The 2018 Make Your Own Havaianas centered on positivity, bringing together influencers and loyal Havaianaticos in a nature-inspired 3-night event where they could be and express themselves freely with a pair of custom made Havaianas.

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Concept and Video Production

Hukad Hugots - Gerald Anderson

Hukad, which has become one of people’s go-to restaurants for Filipino comfort food since 1982. 

For Valentine’s Day 2018, our team paired up with the brand’s celebrity endorser, Gerald Anderson for the #HukadHugots video, featuring some of Hukad’s most popular dishes accompanied by funny pick-up lines -- truly a feast for the eyes and the hearts!

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Photo and Video Production

In2It - Yassi Pressman

Featuring products packed with Japanese ingredients and technology, IN2IT brings world class cosmetics to the fingertips of the average Filipina, helping them be their best and most comfortable selves without breaking their wallets. 

Jigso was fortunate to be involved in the revamping of the brand’s digital presence, all the while introducing their first ever celebrity endorser, Yassi Pressman.

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Omni-Channel Campaign

GLOW 2019

The much-awaited beauty event of 2019, Rustan’s Beauty Addict GLOW: Beauty and Beats Festival was a night of appreciation for self-expression through both make-up and music. 

Beauty enthusiasts came together to take part in fun activities from all their favorite skincare, make-up, and fragrance brands under Rustan’s The Beauty Source.

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Video Production

Rustan's The Beauty Source - Beauty Class

As one of the frontliners in the local beauty scene, with its extensive roster of well-loved makeup, skincare, and fragrance brands, Rustan’s The Beauty Source serves as an inspiration and lifestyle hub for Filipinas everywhere. 

Our team was contracted to produce their monthly Beauty Class videos, which feature different products from the many brands under Beauty Source as well as real-life applications.

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Video Production

Marvel Run 2018

From around the world to the Philippines, Disney’s milestones are unrivalled.

In partnership with Color Manila, the brand hosted its very first Marvel Run in Southeast Asia during 2018, attracting both Marvel fans and running enthusiasts to participate in one of the biggest runs of the year.

Our team handled the video coverage of this epic event, creating a powerful impact that garnered attention even outside the country.

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Video Production

La Filipina Snackhacks

For four years and running, our team has worked closely with La Filipina, a powerhouse of a brand that has evolved from just a mere idea.

Their premium pasta and corned pork lines are marketed mainly via social media, with the La Filipina SnackHacks campaign, a how-to video series featuring fun and tasty meals made with La Filipina products, as the brand’s response to the growing global trend of recipe videos.

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Campaign Creation

San Miguel Beer International

To launch their new Lychee-flavored beer variant in Vietnam, our team partnered with San Miguel International, offering end-to-end materials to gain a valuable foothold in their market.

From conceptualizing the key visual and other digital executions to designing store displays, we ensured that the unmistakable world class identity of San Miguel shone through.

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In the growing digital landscape, your company’s branding is only as strong as your online presence. At Jigso, we implement digital strategies unique to your company’s needs and identity, covering social media content, community management, and other marketing touchpoints.



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We never underestimate the power of connections. Through influencer tie-ups, events, and digital PR, we ensure that all your campaigns utilize the necessary networks to strengthen your company’s position both in the online and offline market.



From conceptualization to execution, our end-to-end services are designed to bring to the fore your brand’s identity. We also provide deeper insight through regular research, competitive scan, and analytics to ensure that your goals are met.

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